Point of Sale (POS)

With Atrium, the choice of point of sale providers is yours.

Go with the Best

Best-of-breed omnichannel point of sale systems are the best way to delight your users whether you outsource dining and retail operations or run a self-op. Proprietary campus card POS can’t stay competitive in this multi-billion dollar industry. That’s why Atrium uniquely frees you to choose the best POS for your institution.

Terminals & Kiosks

Atrium Partners offer a variety of terminal and tablet form factors.


Atrium Partners offer a variety of peripherals.


Barcode Scanners & Contactless Readers


Kitchen Displays


Digital Signage

Mobile Ordering

Native POS web ordering options keep all of your transactions in one place for reporting and analytics.


Atrium Partners support a variety of P2PE (point to point encrypted) payment gateways and processors.

Pay With Your Phone, ID Card or Face

Use your meal plan and declining balance across all POS touch points.